Sales and Business Analyst

Baltimore, Maryland, United States



The primary objective of a Sales and Business Analyst is to prepare winning proposals.

Sales and Business Analysts report to the VP of Sales and Marketing.

Sales and Business Analysts are not expected to bill time.


  1. Interface with prospective clients in a positive, efficient, and meaningful manner
  2. Uses judgement appropriately to collect the right information at the right time and to develop the right artifacts, as needed
  3. Generate artifacts and estimates for new projects, quickly
  4. Generate winning proposals, quickly
  5. Support the VP of Sales and Marketing
  6. Ensure a successful handoff of deals to the development team
  7. Work on other special projects as assigned


Candidates for this position will have a background in the following:

  1. Business Analysis: some of our clients approach us without fully understanding how software can impact and improve their business operations. Business analysis is a necessary skill to have in order to design the most appropriate solutions for our clients.
  2. Sales: sales is an important aspect to the position, and someone that understands and has experienced the sales process will positively impact our businessshow results more quickly than otherwise. The ideal candidate will have experience managing various complex client relationships. We also prefer candidates with experience using CRM.
  3. Product Management: our clients come to us with projects that are on a spectrum of being poorly-defined to being well-defined. It is therefore critical to have product management experience in order to understand how to clearly define the features of the software we help our clients build.
  4. Software Development: someone that has experienced the nuance of software development firsthand will better understand the software development process. While the ideal candidate need not be a “rockstar developer”, we do prefer someone with more than cursory knowledge of software development


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